Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle // Scottsboro, Alabama
Home Grocery and Deli Tackle and Bait
Grocery and Deli
  Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle is proud to provide our customers with all of the essentials under one roof, everything from gas to groceries, and batteries to Band Aids. We have a great selection of groceries, a deli serving daily breakfast and lunch specials, and a variety of clothing and merchandise.
The morning starts with biscuits right out of the oven stuffed with egg, cheese, and assorted meats (bacon, country ham, sausage). You can choose your favorite combination.

For your lunchtime hunger, we serve fried fish, hamburgers, chicken strips, french fries, onion rings and pizza. We also feature daily specials that keep customers coming back, asking -- What’s on the menu today?  Hunt Brother’s Pizza is available throughout the day and into the evening. Call in a pizza order and we’ll have it hot and ready just the way you want it.

Just need a little snack? Try our refreshment bar which offers coffee, Coca Cola drink products and Alligator Ice frozen drink. Our large cooler area has additional brands of canned and bottled drinks. Accompany it with our packaged snack cakes, cookies, chips, crackers and our homemade Deli Desserts.

At Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle, we provide the convenience for you to grab food on the go, or relax and dine in with us after a long day on the lake.
  Waterfront Bay Menu
Here is what's cooking in the Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle kitchen.
Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu Salad and Snacks Menu
Biscuit Burgers and Sandwiches Grab and Go Salad
Egg Biscuit Hamburger Grilled Salad
Biscuit and Gravy Just the Patty Hunk of Pizza
2 Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger 2 Hunks of Pizza
Sausage Biscuit Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Corn Dogs
Bologna Biscuit Chicken Strip Sandwich  
Bacon Biscuit Fish Sandwich Chicken and Fish Menu
Chicken Biscuit Ham or Turkey Sandwich
Ham Biscuit Bologna Sandwich 3 Piece Chicken Strip
Pork Tenderloin Biscuit Egg Sandwich 3 Piece Chicken Strip Plate
Breakfast Burrito Wraps and BLT 5 Piece Chicken Strip
Just the Meat or Extra Meat Daily Special 5 Piece Chicken Strip Plate
Sausage Sides Fish Fillet
Bacon (2 Strips) Fries Fish Fillet Plate
Bologna (Whole Slice) Hashbrowns  
Ham Tater Wedges  
Chicken Strip Potato Salad  
Pork Tenderloin Onion Rings  
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle carries the many staples you need in your home, rental cabin, or on your boat.  Fresh groceries such as bread, milk, eggs and bacon are available, along with local homemade baked goods, snacks, cereal, canned goods and much more. In addition to our food items, we also stock a wide selection of convenience products, including first aid and personal care items, batteries and even automotive and boat supplies.  We make our own ice on the premises, ensuring that we have it available when you need it.
We are proud to present our customized Waterfront Bay Clothing by GameGuard Outdoors. Men and Women's MicroFiber SportFishing Shirts, Shooter Shirts, Performance Tees, and Hats provide the outdoor enthusiasts with the perfect clothing for all their activities. Accessories such as Cooler Bags, Orca Thermos Cups, and Koozies will keep your refreshments at just the right temperature. Additional merchandise such as leisure T-shirts, hoodies, and sunglasses by popular brands such as Costa Del Mar are awaiting you. Let us help you dress like the expert sportsman or sportswoman that you are.
  Alabama Bass Trail GameGuard Outdoors Coca-Cola Costa Del Mar  
  Frito Lay Golden Flake Hunt Brothers Pizza Kellogg’s  
  Monster Energy Remington Winchester    
Waterfront Bay Grocery & Tackle
ADDRESS: 6955 Scottsboro Highway 79 • Scottsboro, AL 35769 • PHONE:  256-582-6060 • EMAIL: waterfrontbay1@gmail.com
We are located on U.S. Hwy 79, 8 minutes south of Goose Pond, 10 minutes from Scottsboro, and 15 minutes from Guntersville, AL.
HOURS OF OPERATION: Regular Hours: Open at 4:30 AM – Closing time varies due to season.
LOOKING FOR ACCOMMODATIONS? Check out our affiliate and next door neighbor, Waterfront Bay Rental Cabins.
Home Grocery and Deli Tackle and Bait
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